Setting up
a consultancy
is scary:
you're an Expert,
just not at this!

Download Essential Consulting
How much money will you need to get started?
How long will it take to get your first client?
How much can you charge? How much do you need to charge?
How long is it going to take to become profitable?
Are you going to have to spend weekends at your desk?
Will the market buy what you are selling (or will you spend a lot of time producing products but hardly sell at all?)
What about running a business, dealing with the tax office, company structures, superannuation and payroll? 
How in heaven's name do you sell and market?
You have no experience in this!
Get it right first time  
Don't make mistakes
others have made
Two Levels of Support
How urgent is it to set up your business?
What does a week of lost fees cost you?
Here are 2 options to make it easy to get set up more quickly. 
You can choose to work with Cindy Tonkin today
Ten essential templates 
  • Download a consulting invoice template
  • Free consulting terms and conditions template (ts and cs)
  • plus your own
    * action plan
    * consulting personal business plan
    * timesheet template
    * client record form
    * client briefing form
    * consulting strengths navigator
    * samples of all Cindy's books

  • and Work out how much to charge!
Less than
Instant help!
  • Buy your e-book now
  • All the information you need to:
    * set your purpose
    * make your office right
    * get official
    * know how much charge 
    * get that first client (and the second and third...)
    * write a proposal
    * invoice and keep track
    * stay cheerful between assignments
    * coach yourself...
  • In e-book - pdf or kindle version
  • Including downloadable workbooks
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