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Buy Cindy Tonkin’s Consultant’s Guides on Amazon

I have just re-drafted and re-branded my 1999 book, the Australian Consultant’s Guide as the Consultant’s Guide.

The 125,000 word book has been drastically rewritten in the past year and is now 6 small books. Today Amazon begins selling those books.

I have added to the series another 5 books written after the first one, including my second book, Consulting Mastery, which is just as it was when Allen&Unwin were selling it.

Because Amazon want me to be exclusive to them for a little while (we’re not dating other people!), I can’t sell them on my site here. But you can get kindle copies at the links below, and in the next few days you’ll also be able to use their print on demand option and print yourself a copy, which is really exciting!

Please click on the links below to buy the kindle versions.

There are no hard copies of this book unless you want to go to your local library and borrow the 1999 version. Some chapters have stood the test of time, but others have not!

UPDATE: you can now buy all of the books directly from my site (and it comes with extras!!).

cindy tonkin making your consultancy a business not a job cover
Buy Consulting Mastery
Buy Consulting Mastery
cindy tonkin consultants companion cover
cindy tonkin keep your consultancy business running smoothly from consultants guide series 3d
consulting office
cindy tonkin it's official setting up your australian consultancy from consultants guide series 3d
consultant tips
Buy a book to help you further
Buy a book to help you further
cindy tonkin stay cheerful cover

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