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In 20 minutes during our call, my issue was accurately diagnosed, a simple yet powerful solution proposed, and I left our session with clarity and purpose – I was on a mission! Within minutes of that call, I had put Cindy’s recommendation into action, and received the response I most wanted. It was like magic! Cindy has the most remarkable acuity in reading situations and people with exceptional speed, and cutting through crap to get to the best way forward.
Jill Chivers
Where corporate meets creative
I've been consulting for 17 years... If you’re looking for insights and options for your consulting business, Cindy is the person to talk to. Highly valued and recommended. 
John Watt Clarinda Group
Cindy has a natural talent for serving complex situations into bite-size morsels for easy digestion, and given me a confidence boost by bringing focus to the important aspects of my business.
Ira Jowett Insync Credit