Make that No Sound like a Yes
Manage scope creep, Do work that makes a difference, Deliver bad news and keep the relationship
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Get people to take your advice
It's one thing to advise. It's another for your clients to be hanging out for your advice. And then for them to follow it. Learn the One thing you must do to get people to take your advice.
Turn the keys to making clients happy
People are way more predictable than we think. There are 9 key semantic patterns to use to make clients happy (or drive them bananas)!
Leverage your clients' irrationality
So much research (and anecdotal evidence) points to human beings' irrationality. Find out how to use your client's irrationality (for good and not for evil).
Stop wasting time in meetings 
Most of the time you spend in meetings is wasted. And it's not for the reasons you think. Stop wasting your life with 5 principles of effectiveness.
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10 minute pre-training call from Cindy to make sure the training fits your needs 
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Training in person live 10am to 4pm. Exercises, manual, practice, reading material
Unlimited problem-solving coaching calls
Theory and practice are different: so you get access to Cindy live for unlimited focused-coaching calls to help you solve specific client problems
Directed, specific materials
A complimentary copy of Cindy's book: Consulting Mastery: The Ability Myth - Being Good is Not Enough and follow up emails directing you to parts of the book and manual