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Marketing for Financial Advisors

If Financial advice is your expertise, check out this article on Marketing for Financial Advisors on Wharton. You may have to register with Wharton to see the article, but registration is free, so that should be easy, right?

The subtitle of the article is “harness data, drill deep into a niche – and thrive”. Which I consider pretty good advice for most consultants!! Written by psychologists who have been working with financial advisors for some years, it picks up on a lot of things I wrote about in the Consultant’s Guide and in 10 more ways to market your consultancy: things like having a board of advisors, knowing what you’re selling, surveying your customers to find out what they want.
The Wharton article is well worth a look if you want another take on how to market yourself, even if you’re in a different kind of advice-giving industry.

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