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Playing it forward

If you’ve been reading my ezine for a while, you’ll know that I’m “into” gratitude. So it’s not surprising that this game site, Akoha which encourages random acts of kindness is appealing to me.

It’s an online game space which tracks the acts of kindness in the real world and shows them on a map. Anything that encourages people to be kind is great in my book.
To make it practical, people have game cards, and they give the person they are kind to the card when they do the kindness (buy them a coffee, give them a book, send them a gift). The receiver then goes online and tells what happened.
What’s fascinating is the way that this site sucks people into the system – apparently  only a few months after its launch, game players had performed more than 2000 kindnesses. And across 33 countries. More than half had joined because they’d received a card (i.e. someone did something for them).
There may be some way in your own business to use this kind of referral system, a way which makes your customers WANT to take part? Isn’t there?

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