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Useful tools for consulting

Consulting tools that can help you be better at consulting? I’ll help you!

Here are some of the consulting tools in my collection:

With no sign up, you can download these ones

  • Pitch and Win Focuser (This is not 6th grade Maths: don’t show me your work, show me the answer)
  • Briefing form (find out what they want)
  • Strengths Navigator (highlight what you’re good at and what you need to work on)
  • Client Record Form (PDF) To understand your client and their personality, tailor your proposals more effectively and remember who’s who in the zoo

This one signs you up to my cool ideas newsletter. There’s always an unsubscribe link.

These ones are generally for independent consultants and freelancers. They require a sign up: you’ll get a tool every second day. They are pitched at independent consultants, and signing up adds you to my independent consultants’ email list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Action plan (PDF) For helping clients get organised.
  • Briefing form (PDF) The key questions to ask when you meet a client for the first time.
  • Consulting skills checklist (PDF) A reminder of what you should be able to do as a master consultant.
  • Personal business plan (PDF) Work out why you’re in the consulting business, how you measure your success and let your future unfold before you

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