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Smarter change

Why choose Cindy Tonkin and Ludic Creative?

Ludic Creative specialises in using theatrical improvisation techniques, to tell stories, develop teams, and to improve communication and people skills.

Cindy Tonkin, our principal, is a management consultants with experience around the globe within Finance, IT and Government sectors.

We love to travel so while Ludic is Sydney based, we’re happy to organise the right people in the right place for you no matter where your conference or event happens to be.

Our clients

Ludic Creative consultants have extensive corporate backgrounds and excellent teaching and training qualifications. We know the types of organisations we love to work with, and with whom our style best fits.

You are our client if you want to excel. If you are prepared to try something a little different. If you’re available to give us a good briefing so we can tailor our workshops to your needs, rather than the flavour of the month.

Our clients include:

  • KPMG Global L&D
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Strategic Marketing, eCommerce, Research and Analytics
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • Travelocity
  • Endeavour Harmony Chorus
  • Suncorp Data Analytics
  • Telstra Research, Insights and Analytics

We would be very happy to find you someone to talk about how easy it is to do business with us, and what participants love about our workshops. Please just contact us – call Cindy on 0412 135 426, or fill in the contact form at the RHS of this page.

Why Choose Ludic Creative

You choose Ludic Creative over our competitors for a number of reasons:

Business focus

We understand corporate needs and norms better than our competitors and we can source you the right improvisers for your culture, not just the same troupe every time.

Fresh talent

Because we are active in the Sydney improvisation community, we constantly refresh and renew the talent bank and draw upon the latest developments in improvisation techniques. This means you get new and interesting workshops, targeted to your needs, not just what we’ve been giving everyone else.

Business-like success criteria

We analyse what we do and assess it on non-theatrical criteria (i.e. business and educational outcomes). It is not enough to have a good event, we have to ensure that your objectives are met.
Understanding the alternatives

We know you have alternative providers for your event. We’ve watched them work, we’ve played with them on stage, we’ve applauded their genius. We also know that they come from a very different background to Ludic Creative. We prize our ability to deliver to deadlines, to cater our products to what you need, turn up on time and go the extra mile.

You won’t need to educate us on how the corporate world works… and if you want to step outside of it, we can help you do that!

Call Cindy Tonkin on +61 412 135 426 (0412 135 426 from within Australia) to talk about what you need. Or fill in the contact form on this page.

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