The Podcast

I’m working on a podcast. It’s about how to work smarter, faster and nicer.

The form is still evolving. I have a few guests, all data analysts / scientists lined up to interview.

If you’d like to be a podcast guest then talk to me.

The questions I’m looking at include these:

Working smarter and nicer: Saying no
  • what do you say no to
  • what do you like to say yes to
  • something you said yes to that you’re happy about
  • something you said no to that you’re happy about
  • any tips on saying no – (how to say no nicely, and make a no feel like a yes)
Working smarter and faster: Managing time – how do you do it?
  • prioritising and overwhelm
  • keeping meetingsĀ under control
  • salvaging a meeting gone bad
  • work life balance

Working smarter, faster and nicer: Professional development – how do you do it?

  • podcasts
  • books
  • training
Working nicer: Favourite charity