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Developing Yourself: Some at-home options

So you can’t afford the time or the expense to go to a training program right now?

Here is a list of self-development options:

 What others do you rely on?

Seven tips on Presenting: I’m Published in Canada!

“You probably spend a large chunk of your life getting others to do things for you: persuading your boss to give you time off; influencing your spouse to spend time with you; convincing the kids to go to bed…” Seven tips on presenting more professionally
I wrote this article for Mortgage Professional Australia and it’s been picked up in Canada! How cool is that?

Books I’ve recommended this week

Been doing a few coaching sessions (because they’re on special till June 9 2014!) and here are some of the books I have been recommending.
To get your marketing in order The Referral Engine: Teaching your Business to Market Itself
To test a new concept or product, the chapters on market testing in The Four Hour Work Week
I’ve just put some of my own books onto Amazon, but I have a million things on my plate right now. Go check them out if you want to.