Setting up
a consultancy
is scary:
you're an Expert,
just not at this!

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How much money will you need to get started?
How long will it take to get your first client?
How much can you charge? How much do you need to charge?
How long is it going to take to become profitable?
Are you going to have to spend weekends at your desk?
Will the market buy what you are selling (or will you spend a lot of time producing products but hardly sell at all?)
What about running a business, dealing with the tax office, company structures, superannuation and payroll? 
How in heaven's name do you sell and market?
You have no experience in this!
Get it right first time  
Don't make mistakes
others have made
Two Levels of Support
How urgent is it to set up your business?
What does a week of lost fees cost you?
Here are 2 options to make it easy to get set up more quickly. 
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Cindy provides the closest thing you will get to a 'personal trainer' as she provides consultants, new and old, with her unique insights into this challenging field by a combination of books and tutorials, regular e-mail updates and tailored advice on a wide range of topics
Gavin Graham, Independent Consultant, Oil and Gas Industries, UK
found your tips and techniques to be invaluable... great article about proposals and why we lose them. clear and easy to navigate. It really is a practical resource with contemporary advice.
Gina Zoia, Learning and Development Consultant
The wealth of resources that Cindy happily sends through to help is fantastic. I particularly love the links that give us access to all the available web tools and love the fact that if I have a query about any facet of consulting I'm sure to find the answer. It's the online equivalent of tea and a biscuit (or a nice red wine), the way to fortify ourselves to continue on our own consultancy journey.
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