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Proven reliability: now on NSW Prequalification Scheme

Aragon Gray is on the NSW Government purchasing scheme for Performance and Management Services.
It means bigger purchasing thresholds and easier flow-on projects for public agencies.

AG on NSW Scheme for Performance & Management Services

The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Services, Technology and Administration manage a scheme for consultants offering services in performance and management consulting. Full details and contact points are available here.

The process includes a review of corporate experience and capability, and recent references for work types and specialities.

When dealing with a provider accepted onto the prequalification scheme, agencies can purchase services up to $150,000 based on one quote. There are also a number of other advantages, including a convenient way of dealing with flow-on work.

Aragon Gray’s Work Areas and Specialties

Under the scheme each provider is accepted to the scheme for specific work types and specialities. Aragon Gray has been accepted for :

  • Service Delivery Improvement: Service Performance
  • Organisational Capacity: Business Process Improvement
  • Organisational Capacity: Human Resources

These work areas include services Aragon Gray provides such as:

  • Business process improvement
  • Process mapping
  • Business Process Management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Indicator design
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Training and development
  • Facilitation
  • Employee performance management
  • Executive Coaching