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Smarter change

Signs you need Smarter Data People

  1. Your direct reports’ out of office messages name you as the person to speak to if something goes wrong while they’re away.
  2. You’re wondering if you could ever take a holiday because you’re at the office 24/7.
  3. Whenever the big boss needs a presentation you know you can’t possibly go out to dinner / to the gym / pick up the kids because you’ll be working till the early hours polishing up the information your direct reports sent you so that it’s good enough for your boss to use
  4. Everyone is busy, and no one is measuring how busy or trying to work out how to spend less time doing the things we do
  5. Your direct reports’ customers insist that you come to EVERY MEETING, and you add value every time you do.
  6. Worse, some of your direct reports’ customers come directly to you and don’t even speak to your directs.
  7. Your direct reports want you to take the stakeholder meetings without them.
  8. You don’t have a life.

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