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Smarter change

What chess teaches us about relationships

If you’re smart and you want to be smarter, this podcast is fabulous.

Shane Parrish’s Knowledge Project hits the spot every time.

This one, where he interviews Tyler Cowen is a little boring auditorially (his voice can be described as “computer generated”) but the words themselves are beautifully provocative.

Here are some of my highlights, but it really does merit a listen.

So the skills you need are a lot of things you were never taught in college… and then you need to stay current… the people who have a strong work ethic will do extremely well in that context… and people who are good at tech… the other group that will always do well is people with great people skills… in terms of practical advice you need to ask yourself “Am I a tech person or am I a sales, marketing, persuasion manager person”… that’s where job markets are headed

It’s important to notice our own limitations…  Meta rationality [be rational about being rational!]… realize our own limitations… You’re not the best at this… Wisdom of knowing how and when to defer.. someone else knows more than you do.. Try not to devalue and dismiss,  it’s easy to do

Parents.. Your influence is limited… expose your child in teen years to as many of your friends who could be role models [because they’ll stop listening to you at some point]

On almost any matter there’s somewhere out there who knows more about it than you do [why hold an independent opinion?]

The internet makes smart people smarter and stupid people stupider

If you’re going to be a generalist one of the best things to be a generalist in is to evaluate your sources

Most of the time you’re wrong in this fight [with your spouse for example]… we all think we’re right, but most of the time we’re not

i was a chess player… you learn pretty quickly, you don’t have excuses for losing… most of the time you’re making the wrong moves… you can’t blame other people for your problems, even though some of your problems are their fault… chess is brutal…

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