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Top coaching themes

Read about the Top 20 themes from Cindy’s coaching sessions here.

Top ten: getting your ideas straight and influencing people

As you can see in the table and graph below, the top issues in Cindy’s coaching sessions are about having someone to talk through ideas with, setting goals and getting the plans straight in your head. Next is dealing with difficult people – staff, bosses and colleagues. Then it’s about confidence, and dealing with hating your job. Balancing life and work, and career planning come in at 8 and 10.

cindy tonkin coaching
Issue solvedNumber of sessions% of sessions where this issue raised
1. Sounding Board8124%
2. Set goals7924%
3. Get plans straight in head7924%
4. Difficult staff6419%
5. Difficult boss5617%
6. Confidence4513%
7. Depressed / Alone / Hate job4112%
8. Life style balance3611%
9. Difficult colleague3410%
10. Career plan319%

These numbers add to more than 100%.
This is because several issues can come up in a single session (e.g. a difficult boss and colleague may come up together, or the need to be better prepared for presentations with a sounding board). .

Themes 11 – 20: Presentation Confidence and structure

The 11th to 20th issues tell a slightly different story to the top 10.

Having confidence and being in control when presenting and its twin – structuring presentations feature in 8% of sessions. Understanding politics features too. Self-management skills like prioritising, managing time and delegating are important. These work well with techniques for improving productivity which comes in at 17.

cindy tonkin coaching
Issue solvedNumber of sessions% of sessions where this issue raised
11. Keep cool when presenting268%
12. Politics247%
13. Prioritising227%
14. Difficult client196%
15. Job interview / Assessment prep175%
16. Training / How to175%
17. Productivity improve154%
18. Time management154%
19. Structuring presentations144%
20. Delegating144%

Maybe you’ve found a mirror of yourself here. Perhaps you’re interested in solving some of these problems yourself. You could even just want that sounding board to share the ideas you don’t want to burden your partner and friends with. You can’t always tell your boss or share your weaknesses with your colleagues.

For more information, referees and ideas, just

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