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Smarter change

This podcast came through my ears today.

Adam Grant and John Amaechi

What defines a culture is the worst behaviour tolerated… If a certain behaviour is tolerated for long enough it becomes the norm… racism is incivility…

Some good advice on what to do when someone makes a racist or sexist remark

And we all know a lot of the incivilities are in the form of a joke, but what you can do is you can suck the oxygen of the room. So, if somebody makes that joke that’s sexist or racist or something else, you stay silent, you look away, you don’t laugh. It sucks the oxygen out. If enough people do that in an environment, you don’t actually have to address the individual at all. They will come to you and they’ll say, “I told my usual brilliant joke. You didn’t like it.” And all of a sudden you’re not the person, uh, moralizing, but rather you’re the person helping them. So, you’ve just reframed it from “I’m a moralizing liberal” to “I’m actually trying to help you.”

Transcript here.

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