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Q. How do I get into consultancy?

Q. How do I get into consultancy?


A. Getting into consultancy can be as simple as printing a few business cards with the word “Consultant” after your name. If you have skills and expertise to sell to clients, you can work as a consultant with little else.

Of course, the longer you’re a consultant the more you’ll know – you may begin as a learner, and through strength of having done many projects of similar type, you become an expert in that type of work.

The real test of being a consultant though is your track record. Repeat business is a sure sign that you’re doing a good job as a consultant. Then you’ll know you’re a real consultant. The Australian Consultant’s Guide is designed for you to browse and read the stories of what other people have done to start and build their business. You can just read the true stories of what to do (and what not to do), and you can also use the checklists and lists of questions to ask people around you to get into consultancy. You can buy The Australian Consultant’s Guide on this web site.