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Q. How much can I charge as a consultant?


Q. How much can I charge as a consultant?

A. There are 4 different ways to calculate how much to charge. You can

  • charge what the client offers
  • charge the market rate
  • what you can afford to charge
  • according to the value your work offers the client.

Download the magic_charge_out_formula (described in Freetools) to calculate what you can afford to charge.

Talk to clients and colleagues about what they charge and read the Australian Consultant’s Guide for more details on how and what to charge.

It’s not about what you are personally worth

Your price can be very strongly determined by your own calculation of your personal worth – this is a mistake – this isn’t about what you personally are worth, it’s about what your services are worth. A brain surgeon doing gardening can only charge gardening rates.

If you find yourself unable to charge what your industry fellows are charging, then reconsider how you are calculating the worth of your services.

If you feel that your industry won’t pay you enough, start working on changing industries!

I know that sounds simple, and I will happily expand on this in a webinar or coaching session!

Good luck in fixing a realistic price for your consultancy services which allows you the lifestyle you deserve!