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Get more done with less

You’ve probably tried a lot of productivity tips over your career. These ones are backed by research, and there maybe something new in it for you (or a way to pat yourself on the back for what you’re already doing). Here’s the big picture:

  • Start the day happy: How you wake is how you work. Having a little fun early means better results later.
  • Scrub your way to creativity: Bring a challenge into the shower and come out with a solution.
  • Close loops to kill worries: Make a plan and write it down to silence the voice in your head.
  • Make awful tasks your own: Put your own spin on how you do something and you’ll be more motivated.
  • Break down procrastination: Conquer Asia one tribe at a time, Genghis.
  • Keep progress visible: Put a “did-it” list next to the “to-do” list for motivational rocket fuel.
  • Forgiveness keeps you going: Beating yourself up kills productivity. Treat yourself like you would a good friend.

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