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Smarter change

As COVID-19 and working from home has settled into the new normal, I have finally gotten back to a habit of listening to podcasts.

Today I listened to Kelly Leonard interview Bruce Daisley, author of Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat: 30 ways to bring joy to your job.

Here are some interesting bits from the Second City Works podcast:

Laughter is the human equivalent of birdsong, connecting us as humans.

Laughter and insight are processed in the same place neurologically.

We don’t laugh alone.

Sometimes others laugh and we don’t (sometimes because we don’t like them).

In an induction program if you ask people to talk about a time when they were successful acting in the way they were born to act they feel a stronger sense of belonging and are happier at work (intriguing, worth a second look).

It seems Bruce Daisley has his own podcast, so that’s going on my list now. 

And here is the wonderful Shane Parrish from Farnam Street bringing together some ideas around play which may be of interest. 

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