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Smarter change

How much time do you waste in meetings?

How many hours do your team spend in meetings each week?

What if you could know how much of that time in meetings was wasted time? What if you could stop wasting it?

With 20% or even 40% of time spent in meetings to spend on your strategic priorities, how would that help you get there?

Find out how much lost time you could recover. So you know where to target when we move ahead together on Smarter Data People.

How it works: 3 stages

Lost or wasted time is tricky. The largest part of it is hidden. It takes a system to find it. I have a system. Meeting Time Management Analysis will uncover the 20% or more of your team’s meeting time that you could deploy to get more important things done.

Meeting Time Management Analysis is deceptively simple.

Stage one: Scheduling

Stage one is scheduling: You and I work out whose meetings I’ll shadow.

Stage two: Shadowing

Stage two is shadowing. I shadow members of your team, and sit in on a day of their meetings.

I pay attention, looking for lost time with my “lost time eyes”. I notice how relationships are built or broken, power won or lost, recognition accrued or not.

Stage three: Showing

In stage three I show you what I’ve found: you and I sit down to work out what it means to you and your team.

You’ll get a read on where to target your efforts, a comprehensive action plan outlining what you need to do to get a team that makes you proud. All the time.

Let’s start now:

You’re already losing time. So let’s get started!

I work with only 3 organisations at a time, so get in now: click here to schedule a time to chat with me for 10 minutes now and work out a time to talk about whether your team is right for this.