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Our goals: They don’t change much!!

Franklin Covey studied people’s top 10 New Year’s resolutions:

1. Improve financial situation
2. Lose weight
3. Develop a healthy habit (eg, healthy eating, exercise)
4. Change employment
5. Develop a regular savings plan
6. Break an unhealthy habit (eg, smoking, alcohol, overeating)
7. Spend more time with family and friends
8. Other
9. Get organised
10. Develop a new skill or talent

Which of these top ten goals do you have? How are you going in getting there?

Here’s what’s interesting about this: the study showed 2010 goals compared to 2009 goals (I couldn’t find any data from them on 2011). While the order changed a little there was very little change in the top 10.

So we know what we want. It just gets hard to do it alone.

We all need a coach!!

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