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Smarter change

Make it STAND OUT!!!

If it’s critical that people pay attention to certain information, make that information stand out 10 times more than you think is necessary.

This quote is from a book which I highly recommend: 100 Things every designer needs to know about people, written by Susan Weinschenk.  The book is aimed at graphic designers, especially those designing websites.

Because of that, every thing in the book has an application frame (a how / what if). And there are really useful end of chapter summaries. It’s a really quick way to learn from neuroscience, psychology and social research.

What you need to know for websites applies to most PowerPoint presentations, emails, and even live presentations. And the quote itself is useful: if you want people to do, know or be something, make that information really clear. And by the way, if you don’t know what they need to do, know or be after your presentation, then they’ll do what they feel like doing, knowing or being.  And when you do know, then you can influence even better, get higher compliance and better take up! Enjoy your day, Remember to let me know about your successes and failures in presenting!!

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