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Offsites 101

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Offsites 101: what you need to know to make a really cool Offsite or Away Day work well!


Offsites 101 tells you what you need to  know to create a successful away day and strategic planning session.
It may seem like it’s just about standing at the front of the room, but there’s some behind the scenes work you can do to make the whole thing work more effectively!

This book is free. Remember me when you need a facilitator for your day.

About the author, Cindy Tonkin

Offsites 101 tells you everything you need to know to succeed in your offsite and away days.

It’s everything I can think of to make your offsites and away days easier and more effective.

If I’m missing anything, please just ask us a question, and I’ll add it in!

Here is the table of contents

  • Offsites – the basics!
  • So why offsites?
  • Benefits of Offsite Meetings
  • Solving Operational Problems
  • Offsite Team Meeting Nightmares
  • Effective Offsite Meetings – Dos and Don’ts!
  • Measure Successful Offsites.
  • A Great Offsite Facilitator
  • Offsite Agenda Templates
  • Plan an Offsite Meeting: The Checklist