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Presentation Mastery Course

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Presentation Mastery the course.


Speak and impress. Be yourself. Tell stories that work.

Secrets of the Great Pitch

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You have a wealth of knowledge to impart.
Make sure the audience is listening.

Present yourself in your best light: stop undermining yourself just by how you walk on stage, stand or speak. Find out the secrets the world over which separate the professional presenters from the amateurs, the “so great” from the “so what”. This course is perfect for you and your team if you:

  • present to boards or ExCos
  • run live training
  • want to impress your audience your presence when you present
  • believe that customized feedback from professionals about how you can be amazing will take into the next level.

For the moment this is only an in-house event. There is an online version. 

Professional Experienced Trainer and Speaker

Cindy Tonkin has been making amazing live presentations for clients and in the public  arena for more than 20 years. She is a published author, trusted advisor to blue-chip clients and a sought-after speaker. She was nominated in 2013 for the Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards.

She can give you feedback at your level – whether you’re just starting out as a trainer, want to impress a board, or plan to take the motivational speaking world by storm.

Cindy is has been improving corporate and small business since 1986. Her degrees are from Sydney and Paris. She has trained in Europe, Asia and America. Her client base includes banks, insurance companies and IT companies. Find out more about Cindy by clicking here.

And here’s video of Cindy’s presenting

A whole day of rich feedback tailored to your goals plus a library of must-reads

Your investment includes

  • all workbooks
  • copies of all of the in-room content
  • morning teas and afternoon teas
  • complimentary copies of several of Cindy Tonkin’s  books in electronic format
  • 30 day follow-up program – the learning continues after you leave the room: debrief with Cindy AND receive our 30 day follow up program by email
  • refresher heaven: refresh at any time for a greatly reduced price.

Secrets of the Great Pitch

Learn the secrets of the great pitch. How to:
  • start and end with impact
  • make the audience thirsty for your message
  • use gesture, sound and visuals to embed your message deeply in your audience’s minds.

To survive and prosper as a presenter in the world of webinars, online video and computer based training, your presentation has to deliver more than just information. It has to sing!

You can’t just chalk and talk, your presentation must be such an event that no one would consider doing it any other way.

Learn strategies for making your presentations amazing, and ways to integrate live training with technology.

We have a limited number of scholarships for not-for-profits. Talk to us! Call Cindy on 0412 135 426.

You want to know more!

If you would like to speak about the program and how it will move you to the next level as a presenter, please hit contact us  and Cindy will call or email you within 24 hours.

Or if you’d like to pick up the phone now, call 0412 135 426  and we will book a time to speak with you.

Present with confidence

Feel nervous when you present?

Collapse under questioning and worry they will notice your voice wobble?

Confident but sure you could be better?

Learn to:

  • move with purpose
  • tell good stories
  • be more yourself as you present.

Master presentation doubts, and eliminate the sleepless night before.

This program is right for you.

Call Cindy Tonkin on 0412 135 426 to make sure it fits with your career ambitions.


  • training over a full day or several part days to suit your schedule
  • morning and afternoon teas
  • $150 worth of electronic books
  • pre-training survey
  • customized feedback
  • manual
  • aftercare: debrief with Cindy
  • aftercare: 30 day follow up program by email: video, quotes, techniques to add to your repertoire
  • refresher: whenever you like, at a greatly reduced rate.

This program has been run in house by major organisations. We can tailor it for online or offline.

This is the per-head cost.