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Smarter change

Triangular models

Every time I find a 3 cornered model I am happy (because clients have jokes about another 4 quadrant model, so it’s a change!).

I’m familiar with the triangle of Achievement, Power and Affiliation from McLelland’s work.

I know the training needs analysis triangle of chance to – how to – want to (if people don’t know how to, then it’s a training or procedures problem, if they don’t want to, it’s a motivational problem, if they don’t get the chance to it’s a system, job description, job design problem).

From Project Management there is Time, Cost and Quality (you can have 2, but not all three).

Thanks to Chris Heine at Pre-Emptive Solutions, I have a new one: Worker Cooperation – Supervision – Technology. From the world of Industrial Engineering, you need at least 2 to keep a system running. If one is weak another has to compensate (e.g. strong technology can make up for a lack of supervision).

What’s the balance like where you work?

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