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Third Space: getting more out of the tiny time

I recently read Overwhelmed, which showed me that we have a lot more leisure time than we’ve ever had before, but that we use it badly.

Part of it is that the time is scattered in small moments across the day, not in chunks of hours. Dr Adam Fraser has some interesting ideas about how to make those moments count. His book, The Third Space is here. Or watch the intro video below (or both!).

This podcast from another Adam, Adam Grant, has some useful models and research about work-life balance. The podcast is aptly named When Work takes over your life.

Adam outlines two types of attitudes to work and life: segmenters and integrators. Segmenters go so far as to have a work and home phone, work and home key rings, work and home friends, work and home emails… And integrators make it all one (I’m an integrator). Segmenters hate it when work provides things like child care; integrators love it. The podcast is worth a listen.

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