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11: Consulting Mastery – The Ability Myth: Being Good is not Enough

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Being good at what you do is not enough: Consulting Mastery gives you tools to get more and better quality business from clients you enjoy working with.


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You know you’re good at what you do, so why aren’t you the hottest property in town? Consulting Mastery teaches you the secrets that set Master Consultants apart from the merely competent:
– learn about availability: why not let happy clients do the talking for you?
– discover affability: establish rapport and empathy with clients
– understand the ability myth: competence alone gives no guarantee of great client relationships.

– values as revealed by website recruitment literature (and how to work with them)
– how big consultancies advertise themselves
– how to work with clients using values and thinking styles.

Whether you’re just starting out or been in the game for a while, there’s plenty in this book to make you reflect.

Originally published by Allen&Unwin in 2003, this book now forms part of Cindy Tonkin’s Consultant’s Guide Series.

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In Kindle or pdf

Approximately 157 pages, 65,268 words.

Includes a sample chapter of Book 4 in the Consulting Guide Series: How much to Charge for Consulting

ISBN: 9781875889372

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Consulting mastery

find out how to get clients to buy you more easily, find and keep your ideal client, make a difficult client easier to work with, overcome the ability myth