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Smarter change

70-20-10 more light

I’m working in an organisational capability area at the moment, so I’m thinking a lot about how people get theirĀ 70% and 20% of learning. Here are some useful examples for the 70% Experience factor:

  • cross-functional team work
  • brainstorming sessions
  • lessons-learned sessions
  • designated stand-ins for experts or senior managers
  • special projects or teams
  • job change or rotation
  • task force participation
  • corporate social responsibility projects
  • leaders serving as teacher
  • presenting at a forum
  • leaving a project involving matrix management
  • international experience on global projects
  • leading a large change initiative

And for the 20% exposure:

  • in-house networking
  • mentoring
  • peer coaching
  • digital coaching
  • shadowing
  • professional associations
  • communities of practice
  • structured opportunities for peer networking

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