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Accepting compliments

I’ve been delivering a one day Leadership Essentials program for the human enterprise for about a year now.

One of the features of the program is pointing out what people are doing right.

We touch on compliments, and ask people to do a short exercise where they compliment each other (sincerely). They find it difficult for several reasons:

  • they feel awkward complimenting a stranger
  • they feel awkward being complimented by a stranger
  • they don’t know how to accept a compliment

Generally I suggest they accept a compliment by saying “Thank you”.

So I appreciated this opinion piece on how to accept a compliment.

In the context of the training program I know that it’s NOT as a conversation starter that we give compliments, and in the context of the world, I’m on board with the author of this piece that it’s a conversation starter and rapport builder.

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