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Smarter change


Aragon Gray: Serving the Public Sector

Our Services:

Productivity Reviews

Based on a clear client brief, our consultants gather process and activity data through interview, observation and research.

The team analyses the information and:

  • quantifies savings and workload information so you can use it easily
  • highlights and prioritises key, high value inefficiencies in current practice
  • provides highly detailed action items to guide implementation to improve efficiency
  • provides evidence of consultation and fair process
  • provides recommendations for implementation.

At the end of the project all analysed data, benchmarking information and developed models are given to you for future use in management decision-making and forecasting.

These are designed to be short, focused, no-nonsense reviews with very quick turnaround times (typically no greater than 4 weeks).

Internal Consulting Teams Training and Development

The internal consulting team option delivers high ongoing impact at low cost.

It involves selecting and training internal consultants, an ‘apprenticeship’ program, and review sessions for each internal consultant.

This approach delivers substantial knowledge transfer and skills development within your agency, can provide new motivation for high achievers, and contribute to ongoing productivity savings.

Aragon Gray has a track record of taking high potential public sector employees and creating effective internal consulting teams. Training includes introductions to productivity methods as well as key internal consulting and influencing skills.

Facilitation and Strategic Planning Days

Strategic planning and facilitation is a sensitive business

With years of experience and training in working within Public Sector agencies to solve operational problems with facilitated days, as well as the traditional strategic planning formats, we can help you with that. More.