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Smarter change

Your boss cares, OK

“My boss doesn’t care about me” is one of the biggest cop outs in the world.

This line from the film Casablanca says it all: A ratty looking guy says to Rick (Humphrey Bogart) “You despise me don’t you”. Coolly, Rick responds “If I thought about you I probably would”.

And I don’t mean that in a nasty way. Your boss, and their boss have a million things to do. If you want political acumen cease with the “they don’t care” stuff. You come across like a love sick tween thinking of the current poster-idol, watching you tube clips and imagining themselves by the idol’s side.

Your boss’ job is to keep the department actually working and happening. Do you have a job? If you do, then perhaps you could be happy that they care enough to be there doing that job.

Because yes, you want that job, but you are not ready for it if your biggest issue is whether he/she likes you or not.

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