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Breathe, unplug, daydream… to be more productive

You can be more productive than you are. Here are two different ends of the spectrum: some holistic solutions and a few more practical. Which one appeals to you more?

This Inc article offers 5 Tips for Increased Productivity through Mindfulness. They are:

  1. Take five to breathe
  2. Download a meditation app.
  3. Uni-task
  4. Let your mind wander
  5. Unplug occasionally

If you prefer your tips more concrete, then try these ones from Farnam Street:

  1. Prioritize: Use “fixed schedule productivity.” You won’t get everything done. You will get the right things done.
  2. Context: Distractions make you stupid. Find a place to hide or work from home in the morning.
  3. Habits: Use the “20 second rule” to make bad habits hard to engage in. Follow a plan.
  4. Stakes: For dull tasks, reward yourself. For complex tasks, ask why they are important to find purpose
  5. Mood: Manage your mood, especially in the morning. Oh, and puppies, puppies, puppies.

And mindfulness is attributed with all kinds of benefits, focus and therefore productivity being one of the big ones. Read about 2 ways to get more mindful here.

And as an add-on, here’s an article which mentions a number of apps which will keep you away from the addictive elements of social media.

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