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Get people to do what you want: implied causatives

To get people to do what you want, you can use pacing and leading.

When you have been using the pace + pace + pace and lead structure for a while you can move on to these more advanced syntactic structures: You already have pace and lead (this is called a simple conjunction)

What they are doing CAUSES them to do what you want

Get people to do what you want by pacing what they are doing and implying what they are doing CAUSES it. These are called Implied Causatives, and the format they take is this group of useful patterns.

  • As you are pacing, lead
  • During pacing, lead
  • While / throughout pacing, lead
  • Before/Following/After pacing lead

Here are some examples from the real world.

Implied causatives (as, while, during, throughout, following, before, after)

  • As you’re reading this, it’s becoming clear how to suggest things.
  • While you’ve sat there now for a few hours, your brain has been working away on a way to get this done.
  • During the whole of the program, you’ve been paying attention, and noticing things.
  • After you’ve heard a few examples of how we’ve helped clients in the past, these will make marvellous sense to you.
  • When you’ve heard our presentation, you’ll be quite comfortable with moving forward on this project.

And direct cause and effect

  • Pacing makes/causes/forces/creates lead
  • Pacing allows/ lets lead

The next section gives you some examples of each of these.

Direct cause-effect (makes, causes, forces, creates, allows, lets)

  • The fact that you’re in this room today means that you are prepared to discuss the problems with the deadline.
  • Being at this meeting means that you are prepared to negotiate on this.
  • Writing down actions now forces you to remember to do them.
  • The fact that you’ve even picked up a pen to write something down means you’ll be on board with the final solution.
  • As you’re leafing through the project plan now you probably already understand what you need to move the business forward.
  • When you listen to the potential problems with this project, you’ll be pleased to modify the deadline to include more QA.
  • Because you’ve chosen work with us on this project, it forces us to be even more rigorous in our quality checking.
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