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Creative insight needs pauses

Creative insight needs pauses.

The Key To Creative Insight Can Be Simpler Than You Think outlines new research about using “incubation” between ideas sessions. Not to be more creative, but to have “fresher” ideas.

It makes sense with the whole idea of getting inspiration in the shower from the neurological research into insight. Which is one of the tips I mention here.

Get creative insight: take a pause

So bottom line try these ideas to get more creative insight:

  • make a first draft and wait a few days before doing the second
  • have a preliminary brain storming meeting and re convene a week later to take the idea further
  • hold a “warm up” ten minute meeting and the real meeting a few hours later.

Of course my favourite way to take a pause is to improvise. It forces you to switch off the endless self-talk, gives you a new focus, and it’s also fun. And when you come back you are indeed fresher.

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