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Templates: Sign up for Templates series

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    • Invoice template
    • Time-sheet template.
    • Action plan template.
    • Terms and conditions template.
    • Client record form template
    • Client briefing form.
    • Magic charge out formula template (how much to charge consulting out at!).

    • Consulting skills checklist.
    • Personal business plan template.


Articles, FAQs, Books: Tips For New Consultants

And some other useful bits and pieces;

  • Articles on making your business work, your consulting life easier and your clients happier.
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions) for beginner consultants.
  • Introduction to Consulting Mastery.
  • Checklist of consulting skills.
  • Video: 5 Mistakes of novice consultants.
  • Glossary of consulting terms.

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Cindy’s Blog: Tips For New Consultants

Consultant tips; New, old or just born-to-consult!

This page links to the themes of the blog, so you can find what you want.

Consultant tips if you’re just starting out

It’s important to set up right, so there are a few themes which appeal to the people just starting out:

Consultants tips if you are already established

Then once you’re established you can start to think about these ideas:

And more about me, Cindy Tonkin.

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