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Tips for consultants

Here are some tips for consultants. You may not have meant to end up here at my 404 page, but I think you may find what you want here. If you just want to talk to Cindy Tonkin about making your data science team work smarter, faster and nicer, then call her on +61 412 135 426 or click here and she’ll call you.

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Leaders in data science talk about how they work smarter, faster and nicer

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Tools for data science consultants (and other smarties)

Here are a few tools that you may find useful in the consulting side of your corporate life:

  • Pitch and Win Focuser for presentations to the boss, the ExCo, to get funding approved. (This is not 6th grade Maths: don’t show me your work, show me the answer)
  • Briefing form (find out what they want)
  • Strengths Navigator (highlight what you’re good at and what you need to work on)
  • Client Record Form (PDF) To understand your client and their personality, tailor your proposals more effectively and remember who’s who in the zoo.

Independent consultant templates

Click here to find invoice, terms and conditions and other useful run your own business