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Smarter change

Bingo: So what?

So you’ve done the Smart Meeting Bingo and found a series of ways you may be wasting time in meetings.

Some of them may seem like obvious sources of lost time. Some are not so obvious. Like an iceberg it’s the hidden stuff, the 80% or more below the surface which makes the biggest impact. Just ask the Titanic. So an obvious waste of meeting time is people coming late. But a not so obvious one is people having to be “caught up”, people getting angry or people just not really supposed to even be in the meeting.

My clients estimate that more than 40% of their time in meetings is wasted. I have ways for fixing that. Talk to me about how to build your analytics capability in ways that use your teams’ valuable time more effectively.

build analytics capability

I’m working on a lovely interpretation of the tool, and I’m very happy to talk you through your results until I have time to put it up. Please just call me on 0412 135 426 or make a time.

I build analytics capability through the important softer skills like strategic alignment, asking great questions, taking good briefs, making no feel like a yes (to manage scope), explaining well and presenting like a pro.

Build analytics capability. Smarter data people

Check out my podcast here: Smarter Data People: leaders in data science talk about working smarter, faster and nicer.