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Q. How do I find work as a independent consultant?


Q. How do I find work as a independent consultant?

A. The short answer is to tell people what you do, and how you can help them. The long answer includes 23 different ways to market yourself without cold calling.

These are outlined in The Consultant’s Guide (book 5 and book 9).

You can also read the chapters on building availability and affability in Consulting Mastery (book 11) .

Finding work could involve networking, cold calling, talking to colleagues and previous employers about whether they need help, answering tenders, finding agents, working with other consultants, getting advice and references, checking the papers, writing articles, running seminars, going to courses… there are hundreds of ways to get business.

The short answer, though, is let people know you’re in business, and what you do and you’ll have more luck with finding assignments and work as an independent consultant.