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Smarter change


This interesting article around gratitude – remembering that it’s about the thought behind the thing put me in mind of one of the Leadership Principles I teach when I work in leadership development with Paul Mitchell at the human enterprise.

We teach a process we call giving credits, with the acronym USSR. I’m not going to teach it all here, and the crux of it is that it’s not just about someone organising a meeting well, or testing a product thoroughly, it’s about the skills or attributes they exhibited in doing that, (empathy, flexibility, following a process, using their critical faculties), and then about how they are contributing to a bigger picture (solving world hunger, creating a world where people feel safe, whatever your organisation or unit’s higher purpose is).

Of course if you don’t know what your higher purpose as an organisation is, then go find that out. It will help you to put your own work in context too. And then you will feel even more worthwhile.

That’s probably a note to myself today too!

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