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How To Be Resilient

Eric Barker summarises everything so brilliantly I am in awe. So without any editing, here is How To Be Resilient: 8 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

If you want the summary of the summary, the 8 steps are:

1. Perceive and believe (when you know you are in trouble you can react)

2. Manage your emotions (keep cool)

3. Quit (play to your strengths, read the writing on the wall!)

4. Be Delusional (“successful people fail a lot, but they try a lot too”)

5. Prepare, even if it’s too late (have a future in mind beyond now)

6. Stay busy (it gets you closer to your goals and it keeps you calm)

7. Make it a Game (activities with a pattern stimulate the reward centres of the brain; celebrate the small wins)

8. Get help and give help (shed the cloak of victim in favour of rescuer!)

Do read the whole article, it’s well worth it!

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