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Improv in business

I’m an avid improviser. So happy to listen to Kelly Leonard on hoomans podcast talk about how improv transfers to other human behaviours besides improvising on stage.

Improv related quotes

Improv is one of the rare times when you can mindfully linger inside a mistake


we’re fraught with anxiety in the moments before, not in the moment itself


Improv: all it is is human being practice: Listening, looking in the eye, be present, play in a big group. It’s not a ropes course once a year


Improv is yoga for your social skills


Improv is an art form and a practice to help people make better choices


improv is multitasking and purpose-led: hierarchical leadership doesn’t work

Life-related quotes

You get to truth through dissent


Everyone needs to understand they’re terrible at listening


Everyone longs to be seen as we see ourselves


There is discomfort in looking for a new pattern


as a group we’re as strong as our ability to cover for our weakest member (not as strong as the weakest member)


we have to replace blame with curiosity: what if they’re just curious?

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