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Smarter change

Learning from online games

I listened to Shane Parrish’s best of 2021 podcast, here are some highlights with links to the original podcasts, so you can hear even more of the wisdom.

This podcast from Jane McGonigal talking to Shane Parrish about online gaming. Jane has her PhD in this.

There are some great things about online games. The essential thing is to make it a thing which helps us learn and grow – and having this conversation about the “learning event” can help:

  • What have I gotten better at
  • What’s the hardest thing i achieved in the game
  • What did I need to do that

Jane suggests that maximum 21 hours per week playing online games is a good number.

If you’re experiencing flashbacks or have ptsd then play a game before bed so your brain fixates on that. Otherwise do the thing you want to fixate on before bed (learning new things, do revision before you go to sleep)

Procrastination distraction

Escape discomfort

Then in this podcast also with Shane Parrish, Nir Eyal talks about his book Indistractible

If we get distracted we generally blame (the pandemic made me do it or stopped me doing it), shame (i’m just a loser who can’t focus), but there is an option to claim.

Angela Duckworth points out that some people are unaware of their ability to move away from a problem: you don’t have to have your desk by the window where the noise comes from, move it somewhere else – it’s helpful to point out to people their agency to move away from a problem.

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