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Smarter change

Looking The Part

I’m a big believer in the importance of image. Often the only thing clients can differentiate consultants on is their intangibles. So the design of your business card, the branding of your web site, and whether you are dressed professionally are just as important as which school you went to or who your clients have been. We are our own “shop window” since we often don’t have one.

I regularly go to my own image consultant to update my “look”, use her to make sure my publicity shots give the impression I want to give, and I believe it saves me a lot of money and time. I was pleased to find a cool site, where people could post images of themselves and ask questions (do I look approachable, do I look credible, do I look intelligent?).

Unfortunately that link has disappeared. It’s still necessary though – do you want to start that business?

What do you want your “shop window” to look like, and are you representing your own brand appropriately?

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