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Managing and Parenting

I went off listening to Shane Parrish’s Knowledge Project for a while, I got bored with the male, pale, stale people he was interviewing. I recently began listening again. This episode, with Dr Becky Kennedy, on Parenting (but how you that’s managing people too), had some intereresting ideas.

Firstly the definition of a boundary:

A boundary is something we tell someone else we will do, and it requires the other person to do nothing.

Dr Becky Kennedy

She talks about how important it is to sit with someone in disappointment, rather than making them feel it’s not ok to be disappointed and trying to cheer them up. She offers a fomula:

  • I am so glad you’re talking to me about this
  • I believe you
  • and then what
  • trust your emotions and bring your disappointment

There’s more, and it’s worth a listen.

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