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Definitely ticked the "let’s get some important things decided" box on the last away day. Thanks for your excellent guidance!
GM, Research Insights and Analytics, Major Telco

The biggest benefit of the 2 days was that we developed a greater sense of collaboration amongst the leadership team.
Team Leader, Analytics and Reporting team, Major Telco

What a valuable session that was for me. I felt you navigated the awkwardness of bringing a new team together beautifully and never once did I feel that I was uncomfortably “put on the spot” (as sometimes happens in these things!). Thank you for weaving some awesome magic to build our team foundations and help us position ourselves for the future.
Implementation Lead, Change Transformation, Analytics and Reporting, Major Telco

Really enjoyed the day – I especially enjoyed that we were able to move around and that you kept us on a tight timeframe and you were in control all day.
Nicole - Senior Public Servant