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Smarter change


This podcast about parenting may interest you. Here are some take outs from my listening:

  • Praise dependent and reward dependent kids vs independent kids 
  • it’s not life threatening or unhealthy let it go
  • work to Increase their responsibilities and decision making, decrease limits and boundaries

Ask are they making a Mistake, mischief or mayhem 

  • Mistake: Can they own and fix, learn from it, move on: 
  • Mischief: Work out how it won’t recur (what you will do, not what you won’t do)
  • Mayhem those 2 and heal with the person you harm.

The keys are: 

  • Restitution
  • Resolution
  • Reconciliation

Bully has to say “this is what i did” i regret it, this is how I’m going to fix it. 

  • I’m sorry you were offended is not an apology
  • Here’s some options: You control half, how you ask matters
  • No is a complete sentence

I’m not into nice i’m into kind 

  • Encouragement 
  • Feedback
  • Sense of deep caring
  • Discipline 

S important life messages you can give your child.

  • I believe in you
  • I trust in you
  • I know you can handle it 
  • You’re very important to me
  • You’re listened to 
  • You’re cared for

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