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Smarter change

People and feedback

This week Sydney is in lock down. I finished a long contract a few days ago, so I’m catching up on paperwork and listening to podcasts while taking long walks.

Here are today’s discoveries and gems.

Taken for Granted: Mellody Hobson on Taking Tough Feedback

You shouldn’t need to couch feedback. The listener should adjust. Distinguish how people say it from what they say – look for patterns, look for the grain of truth in it.

It’s easier for them not to say anything,  so if they say something, it’s because they want to help

Adam Grant mentions research suggesting novices need positive feedback. More experienced need to know their gaps.

Taken for Granted: Merve Emre on Emotional Intelligence as Corporate Control #worklifeWithAdamGrant
Adam Grant says Charisma is power, presence and warmth, served up in an effortless way
About 26 mins in

The point of view that emotional resilience / intelligence etc is a way for organisational to control people is also very interesting.

Dax Shepherd is indeed charismatic. The Adam Grant Podcast with him talks about improv and the purpose of gossip at around 3:37, which I loved.

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