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Smarter change

Planning from your left AND right brain

It’s coming towards the end of the year, and perhaps you, like many consultants, are considering updating your business plan, or at least thinking about what you want for 2012.

You may like this 4 step Whole Brain Business Plan which centres on being right-brained (less mechanical, tick the box, more inspirational, behavioural, multi-inputted) about it.

They outline four steps:
1. update your business plan
2. ask for more referrals
3. hire the right staff
4. make sure your technology is up to date.

It’s not about the 4 steps, though, it’s about the alternative / right brain approaches to it – read the article.

If instead you’re after a pro forma, this one from Les McKeown comes highly recommended. I’m trying it out this weekend.

Or perhaps you’re more interested in Unplanning. “The people that succeed, the ones that don’t get stuck at first base are the ones that recognise that they don’t have all the answers and probably never will, but pursue their goal anyway”.

More resources and ideas on planning here.

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