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Smarter change

Planning different ways

Perhaps you, like many consultants, would like to have a cool plan to make you feel in charge of your consultancy and your life.

The type of planning that works for you will change based on your personality, your stick-to-itness, your level of look-before-you-leapness.

Here are some options for you.

  • If you have my first book : I want to be a consultant, then you can try my Personal Business Plan – it centres more around what do you want from your business overall, rather than a strategic or month-by-month plan. Sign up to my newsletter to get a pro forma Personal Business Plan here (the book has more detail and explanations).
  • You can also try this video series I recorded which outlines a process that gets you down to a 90 day plan.
  • Or perhaps you’re more interested in Unplanning. “The people that succeed, the ones that don’t get stuck at first base are the ones that recognise that they don’t have all the answers and probably never will, but pursue their goal anyway”.

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