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Smarter change

Soft skills are more important

Hard skills are out. Soft skills are in.

Click here to read this article from Business Insider which says

Hard skills can get the job done. Soft skills make the difference between a job that gets done and a job that gets done exceedingly well.

Then check out this research demonstrating that the people with the softs skills earn more money and are more likely to be a manager.

It’s not that intelligence doesn’t matter. It’s that emotional intelligence matters more.

And then Jonah Lehrer wrote in an article which has disappeared from the internet, about linking the evolution of the tennis racquet to technological change. He says:

Interestingly, the widespread adoption of software seems to be increasing the value of social skills. At first glance, this makes little sense. Shouldn’t the computer age reward those minds best at computation? However, the researchers found that many cognitive skills are easily replaced by cheap machines. As a result, employers increasingly seek out humans who are adept at the very things software can’t do, such as manage other people and settle interpersonal issues.

Jonah Lehrer

On top of that, here’s World Economic Forum research showing that soft skills are the most in demand skills to survive the rise of automation. Note also that the most in demand job in 2020 is data analyst!

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