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Eight tips on preparing for a big presentation

So if you’re preparing for a big presentation here are 8 things that will help you be better.

Let me know if they help you!

1. Make sure your powerpoint deck is prepared well in advance.

2. Get yourself a few good stories or case studies from clients, suppliers or from your own life.

3. Relax beforehand (meditate, yoga, use power poses, breathe, look at a picture of something that inspires or motivates you)

4. Speak slowly. If you find yourself speaking quickly, drop the pitch of your voice and you will automatically slow down. Alternatively, move your gestures to lower in your body and this will also drop your rhythm and your pitch.

5. Feel comfortable. Whatever you need to do that. Pay attention to shoes, hydration, clothing not too tight.

6. Get the first section right. If you have time to rehearse only one thing, rehearse your opening. Preferably for a live audience (just one person is better than no one). If you have to rehearse alone, rehearse to a camera, not a mirror. A mirror can make you very self-conscious.

7. Hold back from giving the moderator everything in your bio. That way you can tell an opening story which both adds to your bio and builds your credibility. Give the moderator anything boastful. You keep anything funny, credibility-building and which you like to tell.

8.  Give them a story that gives your credentials (“When I was working for Big Name Company…”, “When I was at Amazing University…”, “When I was Head Honcho in the company…”.

Try the 8 tips. Let me know which ones work for you!

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